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Camp Cullin

A Retreat from Grief

for grieving siblings & their families

When Cullin died, our family decided to unite, revive and uplift others, even when we were feeling so deflated.  Little by little, we began to breathe life into ourselves and others by turning our empty, achy arms into helpful, hope-filled hands by incorporating creative healing strategies and connecting with other bereaved families through Scared Sidless initiatives like ©Camp Cullin, a Retreat from Grief for siblings of loss and their parents.  Each July, grieving siblings meet at camp to participate in team building activities, healing techniques, art therapies.  Most importantly, they connect with kids just like them, children living without their brother or sister. United by death and love, they feel safe to express their feelings, share the burden of grief, and open up, or sit back choosing to listen and relate to the stories shared by the other.  At Camp Cullin they come alive. They honor their siblings.  They connect.  They teach the parents a thing or two about grief, healing, life, and living as we watch them:


  • Have fun and play, enjoying each of the moments that provide laughter, joy, even tears and pain.

  • Grab their friend’s hand, asking them to join

  • Make new memories with the loved ones of today, while remembering the love ones of the past.

  • Believe in the unseen, watch for the magic in life, and use imagination to combat the stifling effects of grief.

  • Act courageously enough to listen with empathy and speak with intent

When a child dies, the siblings ask "Why?"

We can't answer that question,

but we can help with the "What now?"

Camp Cullin is a Retreat from Grief for siblings of loss and their families.

Camp Cullin at the Beaumont Ranch in Grandview, TX.

Big changes are coming to Camp Cullin in 2020!

Kids at the 2nd annual Camp Cullin in 2014

Camp Cullin '19 would not be possible without our generous donors, sponsors, and supporters.

Click the link below to watch our Camp Cullin preview video created by Cullin's big sister Kili

Facebook Birthday Giver's Club

The following givers donated their birthday

to our cause on Facebook:

Revonda Luttrell

Barbara Baganz

Felecia Hammel

Patricia Rodriguez

Samantha McComas

Casey Winters

Mary McKay

Courtney Budden

Paul Baganz

Thank you for supporting Scared Sidless and our mission to serve bereaved siblings and their families.

The Austin Parker Fishing Tournament at Camp Cullin


Concerned Families for ATV Safety

Concerned Families for ATV Safety is a network of parents dedicated to reducing injuries and death among children driving powerful All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs).

In honor of Austin Parker


The Scared Sidless Family is so thankful to have received a $5,000 grant from

The One Wing Foundation

to sponsor Camp Cullin 2020!

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