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When a child dies, grief takes control of your life and healing the forever ache seems impossible. That is how I felt when my son Cullin died from SIDS at six-months-old on

October 1, 2012.

You are not alone on this journey through life after loss. 

Scared Sidless was created in order to: bereaved families

When you lose a child at any gestation or age, in any way, you feel lost. You feel broken. You feel scared. You feel alone but you are not. Connect with us globally online or meet with us locally here around the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area. We provide love, support, and resources and want you to know that you are neither alone in your grief nor your quest for hope & healing.

...unite grieiving siblings

Scared Sidless hosts online and local fundraisers throughout the year in order to raise money for Camp Cullin and sponsor children who need to attend our Retreat from Grief. When a family endures the death of a child, the living siblings are left with a longing for "their baby" also. We want to help these hurting hearts find healing and coping strategies at Camp Cullin that they can apply throughout life without their sibling. Our nonprofit relies on the support of volunteers and donations from generous sponsors in order to provide Camp Cullin and unite these grieving kids with others "just like them".

...remember our children

Once upon a time, and then there was grief. Enduring the death of our child was not in any of our plans and now we must plan for the pain of life after loss. When the milestones and holidays arrive join us as we combat the sadness, anger, and sorrow with creative grief inspired ideas. Scared Sidless will encourage you to remember your child as you find and create meaning within your grief by providing year-round healing initiatives, creative grief activities, and other projects

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Healing Ever After:

Grieving Your Way Back to Life


Scared Sidless is honored

to be listed as a resource through the

National Alliance for Grieving Children

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